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Pokémopolis was a massive civilisation that arose around 1050BD and reached across almost a quarter of pangaean Lunan. Its founder was a man named Kato Sai, who channelled his vast knowledge into the construction of expansive cities. The biggest of these was located to the west of the territory and contained a temple-like structure called The Library of Alph. Other cities played host to advanced laboratories. There, many tests and experiments were carried out to create and modify Pokémon. These are quite notable for the techniques involved and also the things accomplished.


Early research and the uncovering of ancient carvings gave an impression that the Pokémopolitans were solely a population of misguided humans who had taken to worshipping Pokémon. It is now understood that some of these carvings were models used for anatomical reference.


Firstly the Pokémopolitans created their own personal security force in Regice, Regirock and Registeel. These golem Pokémon were remarkable in their traits, essentially living mineral constructs. They are considered to be the predecessors of modern day mecha Pokémon due to their autonomous reactions to their surrounding environment. The Regis were assigned positions of importance, primarily as guards for indefinitely lasting articles.


The Pokémopolitans were also responsible for the creation of a number of giant Pokémon which were stored within unique capture devices. Numbers of these giant Pokémon were set loose to terrify surrounding tribes for Emperor Sai to subdue.


In the background, some of Emperor Sai's bio-engineers became restless and planned to overthrow their leader with the Pokémon creating knowledge they had learned. Groudon and Kyogre were brought to life - however, despite creating means to control these behemoths, the Pokémopolitan engineers were unable to handle them. Groudon and Kyogre took to battling - their conflicts resulted in The Divergence.


Elsewhere, in Sinnoh, more obedient followers worked on the creation of Dialga and Palkia. However their efforts were brought to a standstill by the Seers of that region - the newly-formed time and space-bending Pokémon confined to a realm of Cyberspace while still in suspended animation.


While the Divergence brought about its own difficulties to the people, it wasn't until Emperor Sai himself was finally brought to justice that the Pokémopolis dynasty collapsed.


Many documents were carved with regards to the Pokémopolitans and their emperor, but time and mistranslation confused some of the events of this civilisation with that of the Pokélanteans which followed.



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The yellow denotes the area covered by the Pokémopolis dynasty. All of what is today known as

Sinnoh was governed by this civilisation, which also spread into parts of Johto and Kanto.


The Seer primarily responsible for dethroning Emperor Sai.


An underground Pokémopolitan temple found in Kanto featuring an impressive carving of Emperor Sai.