(The) Divergence

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The continent before the Divergence, and how it was split.


The Divergence (also known as "The Great Destruction" or "Ookii Kujo") is a cataclysmic event which occurred several hundred years into the Pokémopolis era. Prior to this, the majority of the world's regions had been linked together into one unified pangean continent. Its unforeseen split was caused by the appearance of and consequential battle between the recently-created Groudon and Kyogre.


The event was considered so defining to Ocian history that its timeline is set by it. The acronyms BD and FD are placed after year dates to define whether they represented the time before, or following the Divergence.


The Divergence is closely linked with two, more localized, events:


The Winds of Water

A period in time in south Kanto when Kyogre's out of control abilities caused storms so fierce, the wind itself carried enough water at high speeds to dash the surrounding landscape to pieces. The mass loss of life horrified the surviving Pokémon so deeply, that they managed to transfer a little of their Aura through their tears. This managed to revive a number of humans that had been injured.



The Rain of Fire

Similarly, a bout of searing heat that turned Orre to desert was the consequence of Groudon's overwhelming power.