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A Capture Device is a piece of technology built -typically prior to the creation of Pokéballs- with the intention of capturing/storing a pokémon. Unlike a Pokéball, a Capture Device did not modify the brain patterns of its target. Therefore, Enlightenment was usually achieved by other methods.


Device Types


Limit Sphere


A prototype containment artefact for an oversized Claydol created somewhere in the Izabe Islands near Hoenn, during the Pokémopolis dynasty.

The specific engravings upon this artefact have inspired the designs of the many Pokéballs that followed.


Control Harness


Invented around 318BD, this crude device functioned not unlike a modern day shock collar, and was used to forcibly keep Pokémon in check. Controlled Pokémon were first Enlightened - usually by Cho'moken wielders against their will - then the Control Harness was fitted in order to make them obey another person than the one they had initially been Linked with. Harnessed Pokémon were not brainwashed, but instead threatened with injury from the device they wore, should they disobey.


Cryocite Staff


This majestic artefact was used by Sir Aaron Cleagi. While generally not used as storage, the staff interacted with Aaron's Keiro Gloves and had the ability to retract a Pokémon of his choice inside during times of emergency, in order to protect them from harm.


Capture Rings


A device created around 1967FD, primarily for airborne Pokémon. Capture Rings lock on to the target Pokémon's signature and pursue it, before ensnaring and immobilizing it. Unlike Pokéballs which require a Trainer ID in order to function correctly, Capture Rings can be used by anyone. Because of this, and the suffering caused to Pokémon caught with them, these devices are classed as illegal and banned from use.


Spirit Cast


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Gorgon Cannon


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MiraCrystal System


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