(Sir) Aaron Cleagi

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Sir. Aaron Cleagi was an appointed Aura Guardian of the house of Cameran and descendant of the Arshia Tree Tribe.


Determined to redeem the besmirched name of his family line, Aaron strove to be a loyal knight and servant of Cameran Royalty. His redeeming moment was sacrificing himself to protect the Tree of Beginning.


Aaron also trained a gifted Lucario in the art of Kakureiro. Consequently, the two worked as partners.




While unable to wield the air element of his family line, Aaron is a skilled Aura user, adept in Kakureiro and several types of martial arts obtained during his extensive travels.






A descendant of the Ki’shuum family, Aaron was born in the county of Rota, Lunan under the stigma that the Ki’shuums had brought upon themselves. While he was allowed to study within the walls of Cameran Palace, Aaron was determined to clear the family name and the unfounded reproach upon himself in the process. At 19, he left to travel the world and better understand himself, discovering Kakureiro while in Hoenn -his first port of call- and also found he had quite the talent for manipulating his own Aura.


One of his travels brought him to a large island to the south-west of Johto (where Cianwood City can be found). The island was being attacked by ghost pokémon, which he led to the top of a mountain situated on the island in order to draw them away from the villagers. The pokémon had been starving, and Aaron helped them to siphon energy from a passing comet - earning their respect in the process.


Travelling across Johto and taking in the teachings of the Agrarian Seers and world history, Aaron eventually settled in the quiet village of Mayden Peak, mid-Kanto. There he met a beautiful Earth Cho’moken wielder called Camisha, and they planned to be wed.


Unfortunately before this could happen, war struck. Aaron heard of the terrible conflict happening between the Tanmius and Terup tribes near his hometown in Lunan and, bidding a hurried farewell to his fiancée, he rushed back to the region to fulfil what he considered his duty to the queen. Distraught, Camisha eventually used her Earth Cho’moken powers to pull her into a state of suspended animation and seal herself into a cliff face.



Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow


Aaron Cleagi


28 (in 47FD)



Hometown ???, LN
Relatives Unknown
Class Aura Guardian
First Episode Mov8 - Lucario and the Mystery of Mew



Following his sacrifice of Aura, Mew preserved Aaron until it was possible to resurrect him. Aaron and Lucario were restored together in 1999FD, the former deciding to continue life under the new identity "Riley Genero" in Oreburgh City, Sinnoh to avoid raising questions about his presence in modern times.


Aaron's gradual acclimation to the culture and technology of the present day gave some of Oreburgh's residents a curious opinion of him. However he became friends with Roark Feoras, and taught him about different kinds of Aura emanations from rocks. Roark later incorporated this into his work to find revivable material – calling it ‘conversing’ with fossils.




- Elot (Pidgeot)

- Lucario

Aaron as Riley