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Kakureiro (kakureru reiki keiro) is an art which originated from Hoenn during The Divergence. Manifested and developed by the Sanguine Alliance , Kakureiro revolved around a rigorous daily program of meditation and self-denial combined with the use of a Keiro (a Taragirite-based focuser, usually worn on the hand) in the pursuit of gaining control over of one's Aura.

The Kairyu ninja clan later took up Kakureiro as an added method of self-defence against whomever they considered to be enemies of their cause. By combining traditional Hoennian fighting styles with Kakureiro, they were able to recreate techniques inspired by certain Pokémon abilities. These abilities ranged from speed boosts and detecting others by sensing their Aura to self healing, invisibility and fooling the minds of lesser-experienced others.

Ninja Keiro items are, more often than not, concealed underneath an article of their clothing - usually as part of their wristbands, behind neckscarves or in the soles of their footwear.

Since 90% of the world's population have some form of Cho'moken in their genes, even if by a tiny amount, Kakureiro is the only known way that those without psychic Cho'moken have a chance of grasping some of the abilities that those with it are capable of using. As a result, it has been taken up by many people worldwide, though only a few ever learn to use it successfully.

Kakureiro has even been incorporated into the equipment of a small number of Pokémon Rangers who master the art. The Vatonage Styler is in fact an elaborate Keiro item - containing more powerful capture features and a Mirror Coat-like defence mode which allows the user to deflect certain kinds of energy attacks against them.

Keiro Gloves are one of the best ways for a Kakureiro user to wear their Keiro.


Kakureiro enables the user to gauge the aura levels of other life forms.