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Linking is the procedure of aligning one's Aura frequency with a Pokémon's Aura frequency. Before Capture Devices were created, Linking was the only way to effectively Enlighten and tame a wild Pokémon. It was a technique that, at first, was only accessible to those with Cho'moken - something that earned Cho'moken wielders a mixture of awe and scorn from people unable to use the ability. Later, the formation of Kakureiro granted yet more people the chance to train with Pokémon.


Linking was only possible with Pokémon who displayed an interest in training with a human. Trying to link with a Pokémon against its will was not only impossible, but also dangerous.


Capture Devices would later artificially recreate the Linking technique. Pokémon Ranger Capture Stylers synthetically mimic the Linking technique in order to allow a Pokémon Ranger to temporarily grant a wild Pokemon Enlightenment.