(Prof.) Gary Oak

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Gary Oak is a Pokémon Trainer-turned-Researcher with a good few years of experience under his belt. Having originally begun his journey as a cocky and egotistical braggart, Gary soon matured into a calmer, more responsible figure with a greater interest in the scientific side to his world.

While Gary originally caught a large number of Pokémon, including several members of the same species, he has since released or given them away to other trainers. This is due to a realisation there is no possible way to care properly for them all.

Gary currently resides on Cedar Island with his scientific companions Jared Takmay, Dora Kobara and her younger sister Crystal. However, he occasionally takes trips to outer regions for various study purposes, and often returns to Pallet Town to see his grandfather.




When it comes to Pokémon training, Gary has many a good tip to hand for an aspiring student. He's pretty skilled with computers and often gives Samuel tech support.






Gary remembers little of the event that killed his parents and grandmother, due to being very young at the time. However, he does remember his brother Duncan leaving - something Gary had trouble accepting. For some years he labelled Duncan as a coward, and with it, began to elevate his own self esteem to cope with his losses.

Between the ages of 3 and 5, Gary lived at his grandfather's house and spent most of his time playing with Ash Ketchum and Lea Ceres. As the years passed and his grandfather's fame as a researcher gave him less and less time to devote to child-rearing, Gary was taken into care by an aunt and uncle living in a town a short distance south-west of Hollywood, Kanto. While he continued to visit Pallet Town on a regular basis, Gary's increasingly boastful and arrogant attitude ended up distancing him from his childhood playmates. By the time came for the wannabe Trainers to receive their starter Pokémon, Ash and Gary had become somewhat bitter rivals - even to the point that Gary was enjoying every opportunity to rub Ash's face in his own 'sub par' status.


Prior to receiving his first Pokémon, Gary managed to bribe several of his female cousins and their friends into acting as his cheerleaders and personal fan club. They accompanied Gary in his dad's car throughout his travels in Kanto, one of them commandeering the vehicle. This little stunt is something Gary would rather be left consigned to the stock cupboard of his childhood.

Making excellent progress in the Indigo League, Gary felt he was invincible. At least until an unexpected face off with a pokémon his Pokédex was unable to recognize. Despite this defeat at Viridian Gym, Gary still managed to obtain the last badge he needed to make it to the Indigo Conference.

However, his confidence had been shaken by the way his Pokémon were so easily dispatched by the Viridian Gym leader, and Gary fell to Melissa Whitby in the fourth round of the tournament.

Following this, Gary decided to remove himself from the public eye and give thought to his previous experiences. During this personal exploration, Gary obtained an Eevee which became an Umbreon. He also participated in the Johto League, but his heart was no longer rooted in the trainer way. During the Silver Conference, Gary's Blastoise lost to Ash's Charizard - sealing a journey that had long since been in question.

Gary was lost as to what to do with his future. However, a curious situation involving Ritchie Thompson sparked an interest in the properties of certain types of elemental stones.
Further exploration led Gary to discovering about Datenvo, which motivated him to research the concepts of obtaining Pokémon data via other kinds of fossils as well.





Gary Oak


16 (in 2001FD)



Hometown Pallet Town, KA

Samuel Oak (Grandfather)

Gilda (Grandmother)

Keegan (Father)

Pandora (Mother)

Duncan (Brother)

Class Pokemon Researcher
First Episode n/a