Rhenton Skechitt

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Rhenton "Esoteric Shadow" Skechitt is an ex-Team Rocket Elite rank operative who primarily covered the Johto region. He has a rather short temper and works better with pokémon than other people, despite treating both in quite an unsavoury fashion - since he cannot relate to either.

While making many powerful enemies, Rhenton has a particularly fervent rivalry with Tanis Oba.



Besides being knowledgeable in destructive chemical compounds, Rhenton is able to hijack and pilot various ground and air vehicles. He is also excellent at stealth manoeuvres and forming plans.



Rhenton prefers to be alone, as he has great difficulty with forming relationships. During his time in Team Rocket, he would excuse his internal discomfort by labelling working with others as a weakness. He finds it very hard to handle anything that feels to him like humiliation. He also has a great fondness for pie.





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While growing up on a small, relatively unknown island off the coast of Johto, Rhenton found great difficulty in making connections with the children of the few residents that lived there. His brother Macon, on the other hand, had little trouble - as a result, Rhenton took out his frustration and jealousy on him.

To compensate for his inability to form friendships, Rhenton started shunning the idea and at the same time making Macon's life very uncomfortable.

When Rhenton was 12, a chance visit from his uncle Byron sparked his interest in Team Rocket. Rhenton pursued Byron back to Johto where he signed up as a trainee and began working his way deep into the ranks of the organization.
However, several years into his work with Team Rocket, Rhenton was double-crossed by Vilina and forced into the P.R.O.C.U, resulting in a heavy adjustment to his personality.

Rhenton Skechitt


16 (in 1994FD)



Hometown Pudgy Pidgey Isle, WI

Mowbray & Linea Skechitt (Parents)

Tracey (Brother)

Roderick (Uncle)

Mikelo (Uncle)

Murray Menta (Uncle)

Etra Menta (Aunt)

Corey Menta (Cousin)

Conway Menta (Cousin)

Byron Daray (Uncle)

Class n/a


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Previously a Pokémon that worked alongside Byron Daray, Kistre was given to Rhenton to train with. Kistre was a solid fighter under pressure, and put up with Rhenton's mood swings to a point. Eventually his patience was wrung out too far and he left in search of better treatment.

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