Macon Skechitt

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Macon Skechitt is a Pokémon Watcher and mentor to his younger brother, though trying to believe Macon made Tracey the Pokémon Watcher he is today is like trying to push a Snorlax up a hill. This guy's artistic skill leaves much to be desired, but despite this, his mother insisted upon him becoming a member of Johto's Pokémon Watcher's guild.


Having inherited the 'nice guy' genes from his father, Macon is frequently landed with the unfortunate role of family errand boy, being sent on various tasks by relatives. While he can find this irritating at times, it has landed Macon in some intriguing positions. The biggest example of this is when he became caught up in Mewtwo's psychically-generated storm while attempting to deliver something to his cousin, Corey.


Despite their vast differences in skill and Macon's tendency to act more on the 'theatrical' side, Macon loves to spend time with Tracey and they take field trips together whenever possible.




Macon is an extremely good dancer and quite a competent singer.



Macon can seem a little obsessive when it comes to matters such as cleanliness and eating habits. He gets up early, exercises frequently and avoids fatty foods which he appears to have a phobia of consuming or even smelling them.


He is very fond of vibrant music, particularly jazz.





"Ondi" (Fearow)

"Raydar" (Venonat) Given to Tracey

Macon Skechitt


25 (in 2001)



Hometown Pudgy Pidgey Isle, WI

Mowbray & Linea Skechitt (Parents)

Tracey (Brother)

Roderick (Uncle)

Mikelo (Uncle)

Murray Menta (Uncle)

Etra Menta (Aunt)

Corey Menta (Cousin)

Conway Menta (Cousin)

Byron Daray (Uncle)

Class Pokémon Watcher
First Episode CS2 - Blank Pages