Byron Daray

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Byron "The Masked Marauder" Daray is a highly intelligent but also equally devious ex-Team Rocket agent. He was responsible for drafting his nephew Rhenton Skechitt into the organization and acting as mentor to him.



Byron wields masterful technological skills and highly unorthodox Pokémon control tactics. Byron's primary weapon is his self-designed Dark Ball technology, rumoured to have been inspired by salvaged data from Orre's disbanded Cipher Corporation. The Dark Ball required great mental strength to wield it, making the device something practically exclusive to Byron.



Having been the youngest in his family, Byron often felt overshadowed by the talents of his older brother and sister. He was extremely smart for his age and spent a lot of time researching Orre's scientific data archives for vital information. While his skills in handling technology were recognized by his resourceful mother, they were only ever put to use in repairing malfunctioning appliances. This in turn caused Byron much frustration, as he felt undermined in comparison to his siblings.

At 25 years of age, Byron headed for Johto where he spent time attempting to get to understand his surroundings better. During this period, he learned how to focus himself and improve mental control while studying at The Sprout Tower. This asset was to become his most dangerous, shortly after Byron signed himself into Team Rocket. He later fled the organization, having being threatened with serious punishments after his failure to capture a Celebi.







Byron Daray


45 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, OR

Linea Skechitt (Sister)

Roderick Daray (Brother)

Class n/a
First Episode MOV04 - Voice of the Forest