Tanis Oba

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Tanis "Vilina DaNasty" Oba is a Team Rocket Super Elite rank operative. She is sly and manipulative, holding a fervent rivalry with fellow elite operative Rhenton Skechitt.


To keep her identity completely separate from her work, Tanis wears a wig and contact lenses while involved in Team Rocket duties. Because of this, no one in the organization knows what she looks like, or even what her real name is.


While Tanis has schemed her way up the operative ladder, she has no intentions to obtain a position any higher than Super Elite. Staying in a middle position allows her the benefit of the rewards while at the same time protects her from the brunt of the punishments.



Tanis is endowed with sharp observation skills which she uses to psychoanalyse people and manipulate their weaknesses to her advantage.













A Pokemon augmented with human DNA in order to amplify its aura generation capabilities. The augmenting procedure succeeded to a degree, but also mutated the Tropius' physical form slightly.


This Pokemon has since been returned to TRHQ.

Aerial Ace

Rock Smash

Leaf Blade

Body Slam


"Mindwipe" (Returned to TRHQ)

Tanis Oba


18 (in 1994FD)



Hometown ???, JO

Nastyna Oba

(Gt. Aunt)

Brutella Oba

(Gt. Aunt)

Class Team Rocket S-E Agent

Combat Division - Codename 005