Misty Williams

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Misty Williams is the youngest of four girls growing up in Cerulean City Gym and, like her three bubbly sisters, loves the water and feels the most at home when she is either in or near it. Unlike them, she bears a rather short temper which is easily flared if she feels insulted or undermined.


She is a touch on the tomboyish side and often feels the need to prove herself, yet still retains a strong romantic streak.




Besides being a decent trainer, Misty is also good at fishing and Aquatowing - a sport involving being pulled along by a water pokémon while surfing on a small board.



Misty loves water pokémon, Pokémon Princess Dolls, Sinnohan culture and motorbikes. However, she hates bug pokémon. She admires the skills of the Whirl Cup Champion and has slightly modelled her own appearance off them.



Once she was old enough to obtain her own Pokémon Trainer's license, Misty was determined to show she could run the Cerulean Gym while her mother was unable to do so. Three years later she ended up crossing paths with Ash Ketchum who didn't make a very good first impression, borrowing her bicycle and managing to destroy it in his attempts to escape a flock of angered Spearows.

Misty vowed she wouldn't leave the trainer's side until he repaid her for the damaged equipment. In the meantime, she enjoyed travelling alongside Ash and Brock and consequently formed a tight friendship with them. Following their journey through Johto, however, Misty was called upon to run the Cerulean Gym while her sisters pursued their hobbies.

Once her mother and father returned home again, however, Misty was able to return to her own explorations.




- Starmie

- Corsotaur

- Gyarados

- Azumarill

- Staryu At Cerulean Gym

- Goldeen At Cerulean Gym

- Horsea At Cerulean Gym

- Psyduck At Cerulean Gym

- Politoed At Cerulean Gym

- Togetic Released

Misty Williams


19 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, ???

Wesley & Rui Williams (Parents)

Daisy, Lily, Violet (Sisters)

Kati Samuny (Aunt)

Morrison Samuny (Cousin)

Class Pokémon Trainer
First Episode