Mirabo Saguaro

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Mirabo Saguaro is an eccentric but musically talented man, founder of the Saguaro School of Dance and inventor of the Dance Til' You Drop machine. He is also husband to the television celebrity Stacy "Venus" Demilero and father of the successful Pokémon Coordinator, Harley Saguaro.


Mirabo's youthful stints under the image of "Miror B." later translated into his later works, wherein Miror B. became the flamboyant mascot of the DYTD franchise. While Mirabo's impressive afro was once genuine, he has since swapped it for a customizable wig which he only wears for publicity stunts. This was mostly due to the sheer weight and awkwardness of the hair, but also partly due to his friend Wesley's unfortunate phobia of clowns.





Mirabo is a skilled dancer and a fairly competent Pokémon Trainer.






Mirabo was born to relatively average parents in the then-average town of Cerulean, Kanto. Mirabo's life changed the day a crate mysteriously fell out of the sky and landed in his parents' garden. The crate was full of bizarre articles relating to something known as 'Disco'. Enthralled by what he saw, Mirabo decided to take up Disco for himself - modelling his appearance on the figures in the magazines that came from the crate.

To satisfy his love of music and the arts, his parents sent him to a university in Sinnoh. It was there that the unlikely friendship between himself and Ein Bohrgram came to be- though Bohrgram was a student of Pokémon psychiatry and biology, he shared a similar musical taste to Mirabo's.
During his 20s, Mirabo worked as an admin of Cipher alongside Ein. During this time, Mirabo came to be known by the codename 'Miror B.'. Their respective duties within the organization lead to the two becoming distanced from each other, as Miror B. was assigned to manage Cipher's Shadow Pokémon distribution and member recruitment schemes in Pyrite Town. During this time, his two top underlings were the Myron brothers, Trudly and Folly.

Following his humiliating defeat by a teenage Wesley Williams, he was forced to wander Orre, unable to return home for fear of punishment. Mirabo took to snatching stray Shadow Pokémon in an attempt to win his way back into Cipher, and when they refused to take him back, he resorted to stealing Shadow Pokémon from them directly. However, one by one, these Shadow Pokémon were snatched away by Micheal Driscoll. With his pride shattered by being defeated repeatedly by a child, guilt was finally able to take a hold of his conscience, and he handed himself in to the Police.

Upon his release several years later, Mirabo was at a loss as to where to direct his life. He drifted from one small-time job to another, spending his free time at a dance club when he needed to escape from it all. It was there that he encountered a talent scout, who had witnessed his dancing skills and wanted to show them off on TV. Thrown into the media world, Mirabo became acquainted with Stacy Demilero - another Cipher admin who had settled on being a game show host after leaving the organization. While they'd seldom met during their Cipher days, they found they had a lot in common, and could comfortably confide in each other about difficulties related to their pasts. In time, they were wed, and their first child, Harley, was born.




- "Rhumba" (Ludicolo)

- "Samba" (Ludicolo)

- "Chacha" (Medicham)

- "Wufa" (Loudred)

- "Willow" (Shiftry)

- "Trebla" (Jumpluff)

- "Bess" (Jumpluff)

Mirabo Saguaro


50 (in 2001)



Hometown Cerulean City, KA
Relatives Harley (Son)
Class n/a
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