Brant Ketchum

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Brant Ketchum is an experienced Pokémon Trainer and prior owner of the Viridian City Gym before it was temporarily handed into the care of Agatha Muirne.

Brant's means of employment keep him distanced from his family for large periods of time. Due to this, his son knows very little about him, yet still holds Brant in high regard.

He is very proud of his family and highly protective of them, keeping a constant watch over Ash.





Brant is a skilled Pokemon Trainer and an excellent strategist.




Brant has a fondness for cat Pokémon, and takes special care of the Persian he received from his wife. He also has a unique taste in outfits and decor.





Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow



Brant was born into unfortunate circumstances, with both his parents obtaining money by unsavoury means. Determined to move along a righteous path in life, Brant chose to pursue a course as a Pokémon Trainer - bypassing his mother's desperate attempts to make him work in Team Rocket, the organization she was currently running.

Shortly after Brant married Delia Rhodes, his father Theron left Hypatia to further establish himself as a Pokémon Hunter. With little concern over this unpredicted decision, Hypatia instead used it to her advantage by manipulating Brant's sense of justice.

By making her son feel guilty over his father's disappearance, Hypatia was able to reel Brant into becoming the new leader of Team Rocket. Brant took on the identity of 'Giovanni Mortego' and was steadily brainwashed by Hypatia, who used him as her puppet for several years before he finally retaliated.


Attempting to keep in touch with his family despite his new commitments, Brant would return to visit Pallet Town when his schedule permitted it. However, following a botched assassination attempt on him during an outing with his wife, son and Professor Oak's family, Brant decided to remain distanced.


During these years, Brant was primarily obsessed with matters of business and obtaining great material wealth. This later escalated into a desire for widespread power and control. It wasn't until his most greatest and deadly onslaught at Alia Summit, Tatto that Brant was finally brought to justice and denounced of his leadership position.




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Cloyster (Sent for study)

Kingler (Sent for study)




Brant Ketchum


52 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, KA

Theron & Hypatia Ketchum (Parents)

Ash (Son)

Hillary (Sister)

Fisher (Brother)

Argent (Brother)

Reed (Nephew)

Class Pokemon Trainer