Brock Harrison

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Brock Harrison was Pewter City's Gym Leader and currently, a Pokémon Doctor in training.


Finding himself unexpectedly in a position of great responsibility from his early teens, Brock had to learn many techniques in order to look after his siblings. However, this also meant no one older than Brock was present to teach him important social skills - particularly those used for interacting with women he found attractive.


Brock's passionate attitude extends to any cause he finds worthy of supporting. He can be melodramatic on occasion. One of Brock's astounding qualities is his ability to bounce back after a failure. This doesn't necessarily work in his favour.




Brock shows quite a surprising motherly nature, having cared for his younger brothers and sisters during his parents' times away. This nature carries across very well to the medical treatment of Pokémon which he did many times during his travels with Ash Ketchum.


Other skills include Pokémon battling, cooking, medicine-making, drawing and the more obscure talent of being able to tell female members of the Joy family apart from one another.



Brock loves to care for people and Pokémon, and to help them become the best they can as individuals. He appreciates it when a trainer doesn't see their Pokémon's weaknesses as flaws and attempts to help them find ways to work them to their advantage.




Born as the second son of Lola and Flint Harrison, Brock looked up to his older brother Peter and kept all his Pokémon in prime condition.

When Peter left to try and become a Pokémon Master and a heated argument drove his parents apart, Brock was forced to take up both of their jobs until the furore subsided. During this time, he picked up many different skills, though his heart was never truly into Gym Leaderhood.

In 1995, Ash Ketchum's persistence in the face of all odds convinced Flint to return home and look after the gym and his children. Brock was then free to travel, which he took up doing with Ash. Subconsciously, Brock transferred his mothering to this trainer in training - making sure he had a decent meal and giving him helpful advice and support.

In mid 1996, Brock temporarily left Ash and their companion Misty's sides to take up a post working in Professor Ivy's laboratory. This was a decision made heavily upon Brock's infatuation with Ivy herself - a decision later retracted upon discovering a few things about the researcher.

After a spot of recuperation in Pallet Town, Brock returned to his travels with Ash and the friends he gathered during his passage through many different regions. He left Ash's side for the final time in late 1999 and began training as a Pokémon Doctor.




Crobat (At Pewter Gym)

Steelix (Training with Forrest Harrison)

Golem (Training with Forrest Harrison)

Ludicolo (At Cerulean Gym)

Crobat (At Cerulean Gym)

Forretress (At Pewter Gym)

Sudowoodo (At Pewter Gym)

Brock Harrison


22 (in 2001)



Hometown Pewter City, KA

Lola &

Flint Harrison (Parents)

Peter, Forrest, Tommy, Tim, Salvador, Billy (Brothers)

Cindy, Ylanda, Susie, Tilly (Sisters)

Class Pokemon Doctor
First Episode IL005 - Showdown in Pewter City