Butler Maturgé

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Butler Felix Maturgé is an experienced practitioner of illusionary arts, son of esteemed magician Deamus Maturgé. He is also an ex-member of Team Magma.



Butler has a talent for blending old-fashioned techniques and modern technology to create astounding performances.





From a young age, Butler was fascinated with the art of illusion. When he wasn't studying or assisting his father during performances, Butler would happily entertain Diane -the daughter of family friends - with his own show.

When Butler was 16, Wakren Town, a location on the south-west coast of Hoenn was flooded, wiping out many lives. Butler's mother was among those lost - the laboratory she had been working in submerged during the deluge. Team Aqua was pinpointed as the source of the unnatural flooding.

In his grief and anger, Butler not only sought to preserve and continue his mother's fossil studies, but also to put a halt to Team Aqua's recklessness. He thought by reading into Datenvo and the extraction of genetic data involved, he would be able to aid Team Magma -Aqua's rivals- by helping them obtain a Groudon. In return, he assumed the leader of Team Magma would listen to his request to have the submerged land Wakren Town once stood on raised above sea level again.

Originally thinking he would have to search for a Groudon Datenvo, Butler was surprised to discover one amongst the collection salvaged from the contents of the underwater laboratory.

However, Butler's plan did not go as he hoped. While the Datenvo proved viable and Team Magma's science team constructed the extraction device, Butler had overlooked vital aspects of Pokémon creation. Missing organic material to form the Groudon's body and a lacking level of Aura energy meant that his presentation backfired. Butler was made a laughing stock, to which he vowed internally to prove it possible to revive a Groudon from the stored Datenvo.

His frantic searching led him to discover Jirachi and its potential for channelling massive amounts of energy. Jirachi was captured and forced to expel its collected energy in an attempt to form a Groudon. This too failed, creating a warped variant of the Pokémon.

Following his and Diane's close call with death, Butler rethought his motives. Over time, proving Team Magma wrong had overrode his original intention to restore Wakren Town to its former position above the sea. He relocated his mother's research to another scientific corporation soon after, and pursued a life with Diane - occasionally travelling the region performing illusions.
















Butler Maturgé


25 (in 1998)



Hometown Ruibosu City, HN

Deamus Maturgé

Class Illusionist
First Episode ???