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The Eindoka [People of the Vale] were descendants of the Teruptian tribe who -like the Teruptians- all possessed Earth Cho'moken abilities of some level.

They lived in a prosperous settlement known as the Kingdom of the Vale, where they learned to safely utilise the Aura Network in order to fuel their technology and nourish the plants they grew there. A wise man with a strong grasp on his Earth Cho'moken was appointed King over this settlement.

The Eindoka later fell into disarray when the aging King's twin sons, unable to agree on how the kingdom should be governed, began to wage war against each other. This war caused an imbalance in the Aura Network, which began to deteriorate the Kingdom of the Vale's landscape.

The King was forced to use his Earth Cho'moken to pull his castle from the ground and carry the Eindoka people to a place that was unaffected by the Aura Network corruption. This feat drained the King so greatly that he passed away shortly afterwards.

Each of the King's sons parted from the area, taking a number of supporters with them. While some members of the Eindoka remained at the location, the majority of the people were scattered - losing touch with the Teruptian culture and knowledge.