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Nexus [neks-uss] is the term given to a Cho'moken-bearing individual appointed with the task of participation in the Generation Rite. These individuals (plural 'Nexi' [neks-ahy]) are selected based on one or more of the following: personality traits, inner strength and depth of creative imagination. Each one bears a different elemental strain of Cho'moken - Electric, Fire, Water, Grass, Earth and Wind.

The Ahnloka [arn-loh-kah], or 'Key' is the Nexus responsible for connecting the others together in performing the rite. They are the only one to bear Psychic Cho'moken. In some circles, this Nexus has been referred to as the 'Wish Maker', due to their responsibility of making petitions.



Known Nexi

4th Generation : 5FD
Riber Sharto [Earth]

5th Generation :2001FD
Caley Wilson [Psychic/Ahnloka]
Ayanna Arom [Grass]
Eben Richt [Earth]
Teresa Sterling [Wind]
Dave Sorrel [Fire]
Pillan Soler [Thunder]
Katrine Madaly [Water]