Eben Richt

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Eben Richt is the earth element Nexus and part of one of the many gangs in Eclo Canyon.

Despite his surroundings, Eben is surprisingly kind. He is also very dependable and can be exceedingly forceful if circumstances require him to act as such. While his friends love to battle, Eben is more into stunts and racing and has proven to be quite a risk-taker.

He has a secret wish to be a stuntman in the movies, but since with little in the way of money and no movie studios in Orre, Eben's dream is unlikely to come true.




Eben is very good at performing stunts and also wields the power of Earth type Cho'moken. Since both his parents were also Earth Cho'moken wielders, Eben has had a chance to get used to his abilities from a young age. As a result, he is entirely into his element, admiring the differing skills of Brock Harrison and Roark Feroras








Spindle (Rhyperior)

Eben Richt


18 (in 2001)



Hometown Tygye City, OR


Class Construction Worker
First Episode n/a