Caley Wilson

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Caley Wilson is the son of Prela Village's last gym leader. Patient and mature for his age, Caley is an inquisitive spirit and usually has an optimistic approach to life and its challenges. However, he is not entirely accustomed to the world and tends to leap into situations without thinking about the consequences if it means helping out fellow people in need.

Caley's flexible ways and kind-heartedness cause him to make friends very easily but his naďve nature can sometimes lead him into trouble as he tries to find good in everyone. One of Caley's closest friends happens to be Louise Vilagos, whom he has known from childhood.





Caley has an innate knack of subconsciously defining a person's tastes, even if he hasn't known them for very long. This tends to make him very good at gift-buying. He is also quite the handyman, having picked up a variety of skills such as minor home renovation, electronic repairs and plumbing from attending to the villagers' needs.

While Caley is a fairly decent cook when it comes to working the oven hobs, he has yet to gain any success at baking bread or cakes.



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Caley inherited psychic Cho'moken from his father, yet the trait remained dormant until activated by Minachi. As a result, Caley gained the telepathic and tele-empathic abilities common to psychic Cho'moken wielders, as well as the specialist trait of "metaphysics" that was more reserved to his family line. These combined skills have allowed Caley to enter the minds of others and place new information there, or view their existing memories in first or third person.

When holding an item containing Incandium, Caley has also been able to temporarily manifest energy extensions of his own limbs as a way of self defence.

While these abilities have sometimes accidentally manipulated others, they have also caused Caley to share the pain his pokémon have received during battles, and hear the thoughts of those around him.

Caley discovered his role as Ahnloka Pentus during his travels throughout Tatto.



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Caley is an explorer at heart with an interest in both geography and history. He loves the idea of flight and has a particular fondness for Light Type pokémon.











If there's one thing for sure, it's that Kiko takes no flack from nobody. With a firm but fair approach, she makes sure things get done. She is very fond of Caley, as she has known him since childhood. It doesn't make her nag him any less, though.



Power Gem






Plucky go-getter. Kota is one of the youngest members of the group, and is brimming with enthusiasm for every challenge. He shows great faith in his trainer, sometimes even more than Caley does himself.





Body Slam


Abaphys (Sent for study)

Trigron (Sent for study)

Burasta (Sent for study)

Larydos (Sent for study)




- Caley's voice would resemble that of Elijah Wood.

- Caley is the oldest created character for Rebirth, having started life as the male trainer character for my dream Pokemon game.

Caley Wilson


16 (in 2001)



Hometown Prela Village, TA

Pat & Jack Wilson (Parents)

Abby (Sister)

Class n/a
First Episode UL1 - Sucker Punch