Jack Wilson

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Jack Wilson was Tatto's Psychic Gym Leader, residing in Prela Village.

Jack had very strong morals. He'd never use his abilities to pry into another's mind or bend their will. However, he was also constantly looking to improve his own skills, and often seen training. It is thought that this focus swiftly developed into an obsession which drove Jack into pushing his body beyond its limits.










Jack's parents were both psychic Cho'moken wielders, and did everything in their power to make sure Jack never exploited his abilities at the expense of others. As a result, Jack was drawn to simply using Cho'moken to create elaborate magic shows, which he would broadcast to his neighbours.

The shows became so popular that Jack soon found himself taking his act across the region. While performing in Retyrn Port, he was spotted by PIA agents and offered the position of becoming Gym Leader of the once-prestigious Prela Gym. Having lost its previous leader some years before the Gym had fallen into a state of disarray since there was no one with similar abilities living in Prela who was able to take up the job. Jack was happy to accept.

Not long after moving to Prela to begin refurbishment of the village Gym, Jack encountered a young woman who was unaware of Jack's popularity as an illusionist. Their relationship began somewhat unsteadily - Jack bearing little trust toward Pat due to his assumption that women were only interested in him because of his skills and money. But Pat showed determination in the face of all odds, helping Jack to rebuild the Gym and promote its opening. After seven years, the companions took up the commitment of marriage and a family soon after.









Calm, smart and analytical, Murdoch fights mainly on his own initiative. He is known for using opponents' strengths against them.






Taken on by Jack and trained to wield Aura in a psychic type fashion, Becks now fights with a mixture of skills that keep her opponents guessing. She is the youngest of the team, gutsy and full of energy, holding great admiration for her trainer.







Impressed by Jack's psychic abilities, Tetor joined the man on his travels. They are a collected and stoic Pokemon that works best as a support member in group battles.



Jack Wilson


41 (in 1993FD)



Hometown Sarthest City, TA


Class Gym Leader
First Episode n/a