Pillan Soler

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Pillan Soler is the Thunder element Nexus and assistant to Mauville City's Wattson Tesric.


Prior to his Cho'moken being awakened, Pillan had a job as senior technician in Devon Corp. - lending concepts and schematics that contributed to the Pokémon Dream Projector project. In his spare time, he would repair malfunctioning devices brought to him by residents of Rustboro City - usually PokéNavs, the product Devon was best known for.


However, Pillan ended up losing his job after the awakening of his Electric Cho'moken caused several major malfunctions which ended with the destruction of some of the company's most prized equipment. As a result, he has yet to accept his powers as being something of use.


Following these events, Pillan was tracked down by Guardsmen agents and instructed to go to Mauville City. There he began acting as referee for Wattson's Gym, while he set about learning how to handle his Electric Cho'moken better.




Pillan is very skilled at mechanical repairs, drawing up schematics and a spot of computer programming. He also has an ability to manipulate electricity, due to his electric Cho'moken.




Pillan is somewhat on the obsessive side when it comes to cleanliness. He appears to have a germ phobia and as a result tends not to go near organic Pokemon if he can help it - instead spending time with mecha and virtual types. Wattson ended up giving him a Joltik out of necessity, as a means to discharge his electricity during the early days of dealing with Cho'moken.


He is fascinated with the concept of Cyberspace and interdimensional travel, and hopes that some day, humans will unlock the potential in both.







- Joltik

- Magnemite

- Beldum

Pillan Soler


33 (in 2001)



Hometown Verdanturf Town, HN

Mack Soler (Brother)

Class n/a
First Episode Four Kinds of Trouble