Dave Sorrel

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Dave Sorrel is a Pokémon Trainer and the fire element Nexus. His parents ran a medical centre close to the Safari Zone and as such, their son came to know a lot about how Pokémon functioned. But he could never work out the same about people.

Dave is somewhat of a justice seeker, neither he nor his equally stricken Charizard letting a case of abuse going unpunished.




As well as commendable Pokémon battling skills and a good understanding of Pokémon biology and medicine, Dave wields all the benefits and difficulties of being a fire type Cho'moken bearer.





Having discovered his Cho'moken at a young age, Dave became subject to verbal and physical abuse by the other children of his village. During one such altercation, Dave lashed out - accidentally setting fire to a barn and burning one of his tormentors. As a result, the other villagers demanded that Dave and his family went to live elsewhere.


Feeling responsible for the family's relocation, Dave left home as soon as he was old enough to obtain his Pokemon Trainer License. Travelling with his starter Pokemon, Dave encountered Simba while camping on the Kantoan mountainside. He continued his journey after gaining the Charizard's trust. Following his participation in the Kanto League Tournament, Dave travelled to Shamouti Island where he was approached by a Moltres.









Initially abandoned by his previous trainer who felt too out of their depth after their Pokemon evolved, Simba had at first been scared of his own firepower - staying away from others and constantly shielding his tail. After meeting Dave, Simba learned to embrace his power instead of worrying over it, and in turn grew more experienced at controlling his fire.






As Dave's first (and for some time, only) Pokemon, Cannon has a lot of experience with battling against elemental disadvantages. He is

Hydro Pump
Rapid Spin



Dave Sorrel


21 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, KA


Class Pokemon Trainer