Ayanna Arom

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Ayanna Arom is a young Johtoan mechanic, the cousin to Celadon City's Gym Leader and a grass element Nexus.

Ayanna is somewhat of a tomboy, and would prefer fixing up her bicycle than fixing her outfit. Determined not to become like her extremely feminine relatives in Kanto, Ayanna spends most of her time with more down-to-earth aunts and uncles in Orre. With her ability to make something out of nothing, she has become quite a favourite there.

Ayanna also admires the efforts of Pokémon Trainers, but doesn't consider herself good enough with pokémon to become a trainer herself.




Ayanna wields the power of Grass type Cho'moken and has a skill for mechanical repair work.



Ayanna loves Electric Type and Steel Type pokémon, but has an aversion to grass types - mostly due to pollen and perfume allergies.







Ayanna Arom


13 (in 2001)



Hometown Olivine City, JO

Erika Arom (Cousin)

Class n/a
First Episode UL32 - Giga Impact