Lovrina Sarkoza

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Lovrina Sarkoza is an ex-Cipher admin and current admin of the Research and Development department at Holon.


A child prodigy with a fascination for science, Lovrina was recruited into Cipher at 18 years old as part of Project Extra Dark, where her first task was to create a Shadow Lugia that could not be purified.


Lovrina's youthful exuberance and cutesy behaviour contrasted jarringly with her more spiteful side, which had underlings obeying her every whim. Even her older brother held an unswerving loyalty to Cipher and Lovrina herself. Likewise, her Pokémon choices and battle strategies clashed - using status moves to whittle down her opponents while preventing them from fighting back.


Lovrina has grown far more serious as she has aged, though the spiteful edge remains ever present. She is not beyond slipping into a childish tantrum if things don't go her way.




Advanced knowledge of Pokémon biology and Targology




Lovrina collects Pokémon she believes to be cute, then equips them with moves that torment and stall her opponents.







- Luvdisc

- Beautifly

- Roselia

- Gardevoir

- Gorebyss

- Shuckle

- Milotic

- Wobbuffet

- Blissey

- Misdreavus

- Meganium



- Lovrina is an RU version of the character from Pokémon XD

Lovrina Sarkoza


50 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, ??

Napson Sarkoza (Brother)

Class Holon Admin
First Episode Getting Technical