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Jessie Matthews was one third of a trio of Team Rocket operatives commissioned by Giovanni to track Ash Ketchum. Her determined, headstrong, often stubborn attitude was the driving force behind many of the wild schemes she and her companions James Morgan and Meowth attempted during this time.

While on the surface Jessie appears to be an overconfident young woman, underneath she suffers from a distinct fear of failure. Issues with her pride and a violent temper sparked by misinterpreted events in her past make it difficult for others to connect with her. Jessie has a tendency to shift the blame instead of dealing with it herself, even when she was responsible for things going wrong.




Jessie has many skills gathered during growing up, her time in school, Team Rocket and her many professions. She bubbles with confidence on the stage and showed a talent for Pokémon Coordinating. She has a limited knowledge of meteorology and medicine, but is somewhat incompetent when it comes to computers and cooking.



Jessie loves looking glamorous, Eevees, participating in Pokémon contests and the famously-collectible Pokémon Princess Dolls. However she hates rollercoasters and being underestimated.




Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow


Both Jessie's parents were Team Rocket operatives during the organization's time as a crime-fighting force. As Team Rocket descended into a more deplorable state, Miya began to question the motives of its leader. Shortly afterward, her husband was tragically assassinated while out on a data-gathering mission in Orre.

Concerned over Jessie's future, Miya sought desperately for a means to bring Halen back to life. It was then she found out about Mew, shortly afterward persuading her boss to finance an expedition to capture the Pokémon. To ensure the safety of her daughter during her absence, Miya sent Jessie to stay with Leena Crimsull - a close friend who lived in a modest wooden lodge in south Kanto.

Miya's absence proved to be far more extended than was first thought, up to the point that she was assumed dead.



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Consequently, Jessie became Leena's adopted daughter. While Leena did not have an excessive amount of money, she did all she could to give Jessie the best upbringing possible. Jessie's upbringing in a foster household was made all the more curious by the presence of Leena's mother who was a Lunari Jynx. Her taste for food composed of snow wound its way into Jessie's diet, which Jessie enjoyed to an extent but later ended up drawing the conclusion that her foster family was extremely poor. 


Despite her young age, Jessie had many ambitions. She was fascinated by the activities of the ninja students that trained in the forests near her foster home. Despite being ignored by said students, Jessie learned several techniques, though her lack of experience in Kakureiro meant she was never able to fully master them.

Jessie also appreciated beauty, particularly in flowers and cute Pokémon, and besides longing to become a Pokémon nurse like members of the Joy family, she also dreamed of finding her spotlight in show business.

At 12 years old, Leena had managed to save enough money to allow Jessie to study at Pokémon Technical. However, the early 'abandonment' by her birth mother had made a dent in Jessie's confidence. Following an unsuccessful audition and the graduation of her second childhood crush, Astin Palacios, Jessie became sullen and withdrawn.

Forced to retake her first year at Pokémon Tech, Jessie met James Morgan who tried his best to help her succeed in her studies. Jessie took advantage of this to borrow James' work notes on many occasions. However, her plan hit a serious flaw following one night of partying which resulted in James being too tired to write any notes at all.

Landing herself with a horribly low score, Jessie left Pokémon Tech to find other means to fulfil her ambitions. James followed her, feeling somewhat responsible for her exam failures.

For a short period of time both of them ended up as part of a bicycle gang stationed in Gravenport City, however a vicious argument between Jessie and James caused them to go their separate ways - the former heading for Johto.

Jessie attempted to make up for her lapse into rebelliousness by trying to become a Pokémon nurse - one of her childhood ambitions. Since there were no places left at the human nurses school, Jessie signed into a school for Lunari nurses instead. However she failed to graduate because she didn't have the necessary pokémon abilities.

Disheartened by yet another failure, Jessie went from job to job in attempts to gather together what income she should. Eventually she signed up for Team Rocket on the premise that if she wasn't able to afford what she wanted, then she'd just have to take it instead.

By this time Jessie had become somewhat of a bitter young woman and proved to be incompatible with any operatives who were assigned to work with her. By some twist of fate, she ended up being partnered with James who had also become a Team Rocket operative.







-aka- "Wobby", "Wobbo"

Wobbuffet is tactless and not particularly good at stealth, but he is far from stupid. Still, his clueless features tend to work in his favour, backed up by his impeccable knack of anticipating attacks in battle. His loyalty to Jessie knows no bounds.

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"Vega" Starmie (Released)

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Dustox (Released)

Seviper (Repossessed by Team Rocket)

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Jessie Matthews


25 (in 2001)



Hometown Cosma Point, TA

Miya Matthews (Mother)

Halen Matthews (Father)

Class n/a
First Episode ???