Morterey Seigi

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Morterey Seigi [formerly "Hianmyte"] is the son of a wealthy public prosecutor. Morterey has followed the tradition of his father's bloodline, as a lawyer. However, he opted for the path of the defence attorney, a stark contrast to the past three generations of his bloodline.


Morterey is somewhat at odds with his family - particularly following his choice to legally change his surname.

Morterey likes to think he has inherited the best traits of both of his parents- he has his father's intellect, and his mother's kinder side. He finds it hard not to believe that his sister Jessebelle got the worst- their father's arrogance and aggression, and their mother's eccentricity.





Morterey has inherited an odd ability, the human equivalent of a pokémon's "Intimidate" special ability, that allows him to weaken a person's emotional defences. When combined with evidence, this can make it difficult for a liar to stick to their lies, even if they otherwise would refuse to change their story regardless of facts.

Morterey has come to the conclusion, however, that this ability is overused. Applied too forcefully, it can cause innocent individuals to act in a manner that makes them look like they're hiding something, even if they're not. Morterey suspects that overusing this on defendants is what's caused his father's unnaturally high win ratio in court.






In his childhood, Morterey attended Pokémon Technical, amongst numerous other educational pursuits- as there is no shortage of crimes involving Pokémon (sometimes as stolen goods, as weapons or even as the perpetrators), learning a lot about their biology and battle tactics, and about the trainer subculture, would prove useful during investigations. It was there that he spent some time as a classmate to his sister's unwilling fiancé, James Morgan.




- "Mavic" (Magnemite)

- "Harland (Blaziken)

Morterey Seigi


25 (in 2001)



Hometown Phenac City, OR

Jessebelle Hianmyte (Sister)

Philantha Hianmyte (Cousin)

Class Defence Attorney
First Episode


'Morterey Seigi' is created by Tim Dixon and has been used with permission.