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Baccer is a team sport which originated in Tatto and is played by both humans and Pokémon, though in separate tournaments. Its name is a portmanteau of basketball and soccer, as the sport bears traits of both.


Baccer is typically played on a grass pitch surrounded by a force field, with specially constructed ramps which lead to each team's goal. Each team consists of 6 players (3 in the Pokémon version). The object of the game is to get the ball -which is constantly in motion due to its own in-built hover mechanism- into the opposing team's pyramid-shaped goal. The goal also has some degree of movement, making scoring points that much trickier. Bouncing, kicking, punching and heading the ball are all valid tactics.


Additional differences in the Pokémon version of Baccer are that the teams are under instruction by a Pokémon Trainer throughout the course of the match. Instructions are relayed to the players through wireless headsets, to account for the scale of the pitch and the noise of the spectators. Usage of any battle moves is forbidden.


Both forms of Baccer are very popular in Tatto, though the Pokémon version of the sport has spread to yet even more regions.