Coast Island

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Coast Island is a small, yet heavily-commercialised location in the Orange Archipelago centered around the popular Chou Tatakae game. Nicknamed the Duelist Region, this island is CT's headquarters and thrives upon the franchise. Coast Island features a holiday park setup with several 'gyms' dedicated to battling with certain elements of trading cards, a research facility for studying the best playing strategies and a few sparse residential buildings.

This once quiet, rural populace was taken over by Gene Oak, who may or may not have been CT's founder. It has since become the settling point of many equally-obsessed card gamers - some of whom live permanently on the island, others who make temporary stays. Tournaments are held here on a regular basis and bring in a satisfactory amount of tourism.

Due to its commercialised state, many species of wild pokémon have abandoned the island. However, there can be found a higher prevalence of Electric, Poison and Bug type Pokémon. People are usually advised to avoid Coast Island on their travels unless they enjoy Chou Tatakae.