Movie Title Reason
001 Spell of the Unown This story was just itching for a whole other side to it. The movie writers didn't see a need to cover Molly's father's side of things, and I leapt at the chance. The result was a tale of cross-dimensional warpedness that I had a great deal of fun writing.
002 Rise of Darkrai I'll admit, a huge chunk of ideas for this stemmed from an off the wall idea concerning Darkrai quite early on. Still, it's worked well and I'm sticking with it. While they didn't play to the strengths of time and space warping as much as I would have liked, I thought the whole 'nightmare illusion plane' thing was brilliant. RoD also forged the core of the Melodus concept.
003 Mewtwo Strikes Back Random beating the cruds out of each other aside, this movie did have some of the most deepest stuff of the lot - especially if you count the preceding footage that was cut from the dub and not shown until Mewtwo Returns. I also enjoyed writing a skit involving Macon inspired by a random background cameo during the storm scene.
004 Pokemon Heroes Most of the inspiration from this movie actually came from the footage that never made it into the dub. Being the first illusory Pokemon gave the Lati quite a foothold in the RU (though I was a bit miffed they never had Latios shape alter despite it being stated that both of them can do it) and Alto Mare and its security tech was fascinating.
005 Arceus and the Jewel of Life This movie gave us some good strong historical insight into a time before capture devices, and an interesting strain of Cho'moken wielders whose backgrounds I am still trying to define. I am hoping to reference some of the historical info in a forthcoming story.
006 Lucario and the Mystery of Mew It was difficult to decide whether this movie should be in the 5th spot or not, as both this and the movie above had almost equal helpings of historical usefulness. It also introduced Aura, which has grown to become a strong underlying concept in most of Rebirth's works.
007 Jirachi : Wishmaker This film sparked off the concept of the Aura Network (well obviously it wasn't called that back then, since the name Aura hadn't been coined yet) and Jirachi's place in maintaining it. It also gave inspirational thoughts on Hammerspace technology usage in unconventional situations, and even Butler himself has been pegged for more screen time.
008 The Power of One The legend and the intriguing 'water current' concepts were the most salvagable things from this movie, which was also additional back up for the Melodus concept.
009 Destiny Deoxys LaRousse's technological prowess coupled with Deoxys' abilities gave some useful content to fuel ideas on Orre, Pokeworld robotics and the Lunari.
010 Voice of the Forest Our first foray into time travel brought some interesting character development for Sammy, and the concept of the Dark Ball which has since spawned multiple links to games, the concept of Distortia and been referenced in Rebirth stories.

Those that didn't make it:

  Zoroark : Master of Illusions This movie offered the most interest to me in the form of its characters and extensions on the 'mirage Pokémon' tech. The presence of shiny Legendaries and the Time Ripple concept were more hindrances than anything.
  Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea The culture of the People of the Water and the sea temple, while intriguing, was quite specific and had little to offer in the way of widespread concept potential.
  Giratina and the Sky Warrior The Reverse World concept is definitely an interesting one, but its more of an extension on ideas covered in other movies and currently there isn't a lot I can do with it right now.

Movies Outside Rebirth Canon:

  The Power of Us While there was very little to draw from in terms of things I could work into Rebirth, bar the interesting way Lugia was summoned, 'The Power of Us' has been the movie to emulate most closely how I imagined Rebirth to be in anime format.
  Secrets of the Jungle An unexpectedly emotional and heartfelt story with relatively low stakes. I was endeared to the relationship between Coco and his adoptive Zarude father. We also got to see more examples of Pokémon powers from humans.
  Pokemon : I Choose You! Ash's nightmare sequence was the thing that stood out the most about this movie for me. The plot overall was a bit haphazard, but when it hit the right notes, it hit them hard.
  Victini and Reshiram/Zekrom The culture of the People of the Vale and the Sword of the Vale fit nicely into existing Rebirth lore, as did the presence of the 'dragon force'
  Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel The Azoth Kingdom is of particular interest in this movie.
  Genesect and the Legend Awakened A relatively self contained movie, aside from the impressive chase sequences between Mewtwo Y and the Red Genesect, the plot was pretty thin on the ground.
  Hoopa and the Clash of Ages A lot of concepts with potential, particularly the community of people who looked up to Arceus, and that one tower, but given the focal Pokémon's power was to summon whatever it liked, there was more time spent on that than any plot.
  Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction This movie felt sadly like a bit of a missed opportunity in the case of Yveltal, whose ability caused results that looked intriguingly like what happened to Ash in the first movie.
  Kyurem vs The Sword of Justice This movie was pretty hard to watch through as it didn't hold my attention well.



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