Attila Brógan

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Attila Brógan is a Pokémon Wrangler and Team Rocket Super Elite agent, best known amongst the organization for his ability to capture pokémon without the use of Pokéballs. This proved useful against particularly powerful creatures who couldn't be weakened enough for capture with Pokéball technology.








As a youngster, Attila spent a lot of his time travelling with his father across the Black Hills - a part of Mandarin's southern island so named due to the almost continuous storm clouds that hung over it. Together they worked to bring down frightened and rampaging wild pokémon that often caused damage to themselves and surrounding areas, taking them back to the nearest towns for treatment. Often they had to perform onsite veterinary service.

Attila would enjoy the thrill of the chase and being able to help a Pokémon in need. But one day, something occurred that blotted his view of such actions permanently. As they were attending to a badly injured Arbok, its mate, assuming it had been Attila who had caused the injuries, dived for the attack. Gellert protectively leapt in front of his son, but the resulting blow killed the man instantly.

From thereon, Attila's love of Pokémon rapidly diminished. He considered them nothing but mindless undeserving, ungrateful, bloodthirsty beasts, responsible for the death of his father whom had only sought to aid in their recovery. He saw the offering of his skills to Team Rocket as an act of revenge upon the creatures that he now loathed so much.

Once his assignment as coordinator for Project Rebirth's specimen collection expired, Attila returned to his post working under Professor Sebastian and alongside Hunley Marks. Despite his occasional teasing, Attila and Hunley work together surprisingly well during missions.

It is unknown as to his whereabouts following Giovanni's fall from leadership of the organization.









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Air Slash


Attila Brógan


35 (in 2001)



Hometown Mandarin Isle Sth, OA

Gellert Brógan (father)

Class Team Rocket SE Agent
First Episode ???