Hunley Marks

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Hunley Marks is a Sinnohan Team Rocket Super Elite operative, and working associate with Attila Brógan. Calm, calculating and often spiteful, Hunley is all about efficiency and accuracy in his missions.




Hunley's expertise lies in the tracking and capture of humans and Pokémon.







Having been born into a part of Sinnoh that sees very little light gave Hunley a pale complexion and stunted his development. Repeated teasing by other children caused Hunley to grow bitter and angry. Once he was old enough to study away from home, Hunley relocated to Tatto.

While taking classes at Sarthest University, Hunley met an undercover recruitment agent from Team Rocket who promised him the respect he deserved and even a possible means of gaining a more masculine voice. Unfortunately, after being roped into the lifetime contract that hung over all operatives heads, Hunley received neither. Instead he found the identity crisis grew worse, with some members mistaking him for a woman and others making it worse despite knowing his proper gender, calling him 'Hun' and referring to him as 'she'.


Despite these efforts to crush him, Hunley ascended the ranks of Team Rocket - gathering data for Professor Sebastian and soon afterward, gaining Attila Brógan as a partner.




- Steelix

Hunley Marks


33 (in 2001FD)



Hometown Snowpoint City, SI


Class Team Rocket SE Agent
First Episode n/a