Jasmine Coda

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Jasmine Coda is a Pokémon Watcher who specializes in sound types, pokémon songs and Melodus. She also runs the Pokémon Watcher's Guild branch in Johto - acting quite motherly toward the other residents, even Steven, who is of similar age to her.


Entranced by the beauty of song, Jasmine wants nothing but the clearest, purest performances and considers pre-recorded audio as a medium that detracts. As a result, she and Garret clash on a regular basis. Jasmine loves to compose and perform music alongside her pokémon.




Jasmine has a fair level of medical knowledge for both humans and pokémon, having been fascinated by the jobs of Nurse Joys and their Chanseys as a child.



Live music







- "Tremelo" (Vibrava)

- "Minem" (Kirlia)

- "Oprah" (Wigglytuff)

Jasmine Coda


30 (in 1994)



Hometown Flowender, JO
Relatives n/a
Class Pokemon Watcher
First Episode

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