Jenna Briars

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Jenna Briars is an aspiring Johtoan news reporter and ex-Team Rocket member. After finishing her school studies at 16, Jenna signed up to a media outlet working under the umbrella of Team Rocket, and forced into helping make propaganda for the organization. Since no one had accounted for her stubbornness, she was quickly demoted to the Intermediate Rank until the higher powers chose what to do with her.

Precise to the point of frankness, Jenna has developed something of a cynical stance on life as a result of being deceived by Team Rocket. Despite this, she is still kind to those she considers friends. She has a thirst for excitement and adventure, and could be considered a bit of a daredevil.




Having observed her mother at work, Jenna is good at conducting interviews of sorts, extracting needed information from others. She can also ride a motorbike.



Jenna loves travelling to new places and exploring






- "Flair" (Drifblim)

- "Ikinis" (Blaziken)

- "Ivy" (Raichu)

Jenna Briars


17 (in 2001)



Hometown Nokotch Village, JO
Relatives Kinsey Briars (Mother)
Class n/a
First Episode