Kidaka Summers

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Kidaka "Kidd" Summers is one of the Pokémon Guardsmen's most controversial agents. Prone to playing by her own rules, this talented woman undertakes a multitude of assignments under the ever popular guise of a thrill seeker looking for another score to beat.


While this often draws more attention than is liked by the Guardsmen society, it also tends to work to Kidaka's advantage. Playing to the people's desire for good entertainment turns their attentions away from what this agent is really up to.





Kidaka's strong points are her athletic ability, precision and determination. Her weaknesses arise in her lack of personal knowledge and her tendency to assume she understands what's going on. The gaps in her knowledge are diligently attended to by the Guardsmen archivist Morley Banks, who maintains the data vault in east Johto. Her assumptions are more difficult to control and have landed Kidaka in many unfortunate situations.










- Weavile x2

Kidaka Summers


28 (during 1999)



Hometown ??, HN
Relatives n/a
Class Lv. 2 GM Agent
First Episode

Mov8 - Lucario and the Mystery of Mew