Lucius Hooke

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Lucius J. Hooke is an established trainer with a particular interest in Dark Type pokémon and their origins. While initially cold, serious and distanced from others, Lucius mellowed considerably after a vehicle accident lost him his sight, and a later meeting with an Eevee taught him to treasure the good things in his life.




Lucius has an advanced dexterity and is good at navigating in the dark. He is also gaining skills at the art of Kakureiro in order to further improve his ability to visualize.



Lucius likes a good joke and learning about the historical value of places and objects. He also enjoys reading what little material published in braille exists. However, he prefers to be referred to by his last name, as he finds his first one embarrassing. He also dislikes thieves and people who are too serious or snobby - the former two because they remind him of the person he once was.



Lucius grew up caring little for the world around him and was a generally rebellious youth. He spent time as part of one of Orre's many street gangs and saw pokémon as tools - happy to steal and relocate them where the gang leader saw fit. At the age of 28, he crashed his getaway van while attempting to escape police, causing the debris from the impact to blind him. Following this, he was arrested and served his time adjusting to his new condition.

Two years later, Lucius was released from prison and left Orre to start a clean slate in a region further north, ending up in Kanto. During this time he worked various odd jobs, such as assistant duty in PokéMarts.


While spending time in Celadon City, a wandering Eevee found Lucius. He ended up reluctantly keeping the pokémon after it refused to leave his side. It was this encounter which nudged Lucius into the realms of Pokémon Training - his consequential adventures teaching him to laugh at himself and be more optimistic.




- "Sergei" (Umbreon)

Lucius Hooke


33 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, OR
Relatives n/a
Class Pokémon Trainer
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