Mikelo Skechitt

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Mikelo Skechitt is known by many aliases. "The Magikarp Man", "Thrifty Skuntank" and "That Swindling Crook." He makes his living from selling off items that more honest salespeople would shudder at - weak pokémon, pokémon disguised as other types of pokémon and devices created using unstable technology.




Mikelo is a skilled fisherman and bargainer - he also seems to be incredibly good at taming Pokémon.






The oldest child of a thrifty family, Mikelo's biggest childhood influence came from his salesman father - a forceful man with little respect for the rights of those he dealt with outside his own home. Unlike his younger brother who wanted nothing to do with such tactics, Mikelo would often accompany his father on sales outings, where he quickly gathered the tricks of the trade. Mikelo proved to have the gift of making an offer sound irresistible.

Finding Orre had little to offer, Mikelo took took what he knew and sought to extend his own branch of the Skechitt 'enterprise' out into the world, starting with the most common water-bound Pokémon he knew of - Magikarp. During trips to Fiore, the man had found Magikarp in abundance, but was unable to capture one due to strict protection rules enforced by the Rangers there. Travelling to Kanto, Mikelo employed his fishing skills and caught Magikarp for himself which he then proceeded to sell at extortionate prices.

Being a travelling merchant makes Mikelo very hard to track by authorities. His boldness proves to be without limits and his scruples most questionable. At times he has managed to trade obscure articles for far more useful ones, and he doesn't think twice on selling items he knows are flawed.





Mikelo Skechitt


51 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, OR
Relatives Mowbray Skechitt (Brother)
Class Salesman
First Episode

IL015 - Battle Aboard the St. Anne