N Jyseis

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Nascour "N" Harmon Jyseis II is a wanderer and son to the current leader of "The Sanguine Alliance". N does not approve of his father's dealings with The Sanguine Alliance, despite having learned much from the organization.


Due to his upbringing, N is more than a little socially awkward. Most of the time he hides this behind a calm exterior. However, he is prone to violent mood swings if something unsettles him in some way. He is not quite as resilient against damage, and has to be healed using Biocite water if injured.



N has the ability to understand pokémon speech. He is also highly intelligent, particularly in the fields of mathematics and technological construction. He has some impressive agility and can jump higher than an average human.



Despite his frustration with humanity, N has shown interest in many of their creations - particularly that of forms of transport such as planes and trains, and sports like basketball and darts. He enjoys the intricacies of science and mathematics. He longs to understand the deeper meaning of pokémon existence and the origins of Oci.




N is the son of a Lunari Pokémon couple. As a result of their disguised human states, N was born human and is unable to take on a Pokémon form. He is aware of his heritage though, and considers himself perfect as a result - the best of both species.


N spent his childhood in isolation, separated from other humans and only seeing pokémon mistreated by them. Eventually he was brainwashed into thinking that humans were nothing but a detriment and a plague to the pokémon world.


When he was 13, N constructed a variant of the Pokéball that would entrap its targets by shrinking them down to size while maintaining their consciousness. This he did in protest of the existence of actual Pokéballs, which he considered a form of cruelty. The article was later used in Lunari Warfare by the Eclipse organization.




N Jyseis


21 (in 2001FD)



Hometown ???, JO
Relatives Nascour Jyseis (Father)

Harmony Jyseis (Mother)

Class n/a