Raldo Emerson

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Raldo Emerson is an unorthodox Pokémon Trainer which quite a few intriguing qualities, the least of which being his naturally crescent moon-shaped hair. Born with heavily stunted limbs, Raldo appeared to be far younger than other children his age. His parents eventually invested in advanced Orrean prosthetic extensions for Raldo's arms and legs.


Mostly a perky, enthusiastic and carefree guy, Raldo takes on a whole different air when on the battlefield - becoming a lot more serious and focused. He doesn't have any Pokémon of his own - mostly working with 'rentals' or borrowing from others. Still, pokémon are very much appreciative of Raldo, despite his difficulty connecting with them outside matches.


Due to being able to adapt with whatever pokémon he's landed with, Raldo has been successful in many tournaments involving using unfamiliar training partners. He dislikes the unpredictability in random encounters with wild Pokémon, however.




Raldo has increased speed, strength and agility due to his prosthetics. He also has a wide knowledge for various elemental stones, and an odd but interesting knack for telling what type a soil is and where it came from.




Raldo loves to lose himself in the thrill and strategy of pokémon battles, but gets uncomfortable with the social aspects of raising pokémon. He is also very fond of collecting energy-imbued rocks and minerals, and eating Anmitsu, a type of Hoennian dessert.


Raldo has strong opinions on what is an actual pokémon and what is not. He opposes manmade pokémon, not because of the cruelty issues, but because he thinks its all too easy to make a super powerful creature that’d defeat all opponents that way.











Raldo is a character loosely based on Emerald of the Pokémon Adventures comic series.

Raldo Emerson


13 (in 1989)



Hometown Rustboro City, HN

Jenaro Emerson (Brother)

Barry Emerson (Cousin)

Palmer Emerson (Uncle)

Class n/a
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