Devon Corporation

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Devon Corporation [Devon Corp.] was founded in 1963FD, in Rustboro City, Hoenn. Having begun as a small mining company, Devon Corp. is now responsible for the existence of a variety of Pokéball designs, computer systems and also a popular handheld device, the PokéNav. It also made an advanced version of Silph Co.'s Silph Scope.

Graham Stone, the current president of Devon Corp. is highly interested with innovation, and many of his past ideas reflect that. Known creations included the Pokémon Producer (early attempt at reviving fossilised Pokémon) in 1968, Pokémon Dream Visualiser in 1976, the PokéCom (a Pokémon speech translation device) in 1980 and the PokéForme (technology intended to enable a human being to become a Pokémon) in 1987. There was also research into Aura as a means to propel vehicles.

However, biological and technological knowledge at the time was not advanced enough to take these prototypes to a functional state, and they were shelved in favour of more reachable goals.

Schematics from some of these projects were later sold to more impressionable engineers.