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Diguard (Japanese: Jigensha) is a Dark/Ghost type Pokémon.

Designated patrollers of Etherspace, Diguard's potential responsibilities are imprinted upon it since birth. However, due to the weightiness of these responsibilities, Diguard's prevolutionary stages are unaware of their potential dimension-manipulation powers. Nor are they able to use them. All Diguards are chosen to become such following proving their suitability for their tasks while still Marowaks.

In this respect, Diguards are similar to Celebis. Unlike Celebis, Diguards are sworn to secrecy about the link to their previous stage of evolution. They will rarely make contact with humans and tend to wear cloaks while in Realspace.

Each staff is given a personal touch by the Diguard that creates it. Therefore, no two are quite the same.


Pokédex Entry

Upon evolving, a new Diguard will immediately assemble its unique scythe-like staff. If prevented by another being from completing this task, the Diguard will become very agitated and possibly violent.

The staff is used to enable its bearer to literally tear into the dimensional fabric and travel from place to place in the blink of an eye. The blade of the staff is made of Incandium, but researchers have been as yet unable to ascertain where Diguard get it from.

Diguard are very hard to find in Realspace and due to their secretive nature, they are usually seen shrouded in cloaks. They are strongly duty-bound and appear to have a high level of authority over other Ghost type Pokémon.



A Diguard named To'geedo assists Spencer Hale during his exploration of Mindspace.



Evolves from Marowak via initiation rite with another Diguard.



Name Origin

English - Combination of 'dimension' and 'guard'
Pronounced 'dee-gard'

Japanese - Jigenseisokuka (Dimensional Regulation) and Hogosha (Guardian)






Spacial Reaver Pkmn

Ability Battle Armor/Arena Trap

5' 5"

Weight ??lbs