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Lapling (Japanese: Lapling) is a Water/Ice type Pokémon. It evolves into Lapras with exposure to an Ice Stone.

Laplings are an extremely rare sight, due to the lower temperatures required to produce Lapling eggs. In southern areas such as the Orange Archipelago, where water temperature is warmer, Lapras eggs only produce other Lapras. In regions such as Tatto, Lapras pods raise their young inside caverns until they are strong enough to make the journey towards Phrossa, where there is a proliferation of Rimium - the ice-like stone required for them to evolve.

Laplings are not as proficient swimmers as their evolutions, and the lack of rear flippers requires them to use their lengthier tails in order to help propel themselves forward. This results in a somewhat clumsy looking see-saw motion.


Pokédex Entry

A Lapling's shell is just big enough to carry an average sized youth. However, its fluctuating method of swimming tends to make for a nauseating ride. It is a shy but playful Pokémon that observes others from below the water's surface, arching its back in order to appear to be a rock.






Lapling >> Lapras (With exposure to Ice Stone)


Name Origin

English - Combination of 'Lapras' and 'Youngling' (suffix for baby creatures)
Pronounced 'l-aa-pling'

Japanese - n/a






Rudder Pkmn

Ability Shell Armor/Water Absorb

4' 5"

Weight 232lbs