Butch Reynolds

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Butch Reynolds is an Elite ranking Team Rocket operative, typically working in partnership with operative Cassidy Sampson. While far from dim-witted, Butch is happy to step back and let Cassidy do all the thinking. He sometimes steps in as her 'knight in shining armour' in order to fend off direct threats.

On the outside, Butch shows a heavy amount of bravado and is often boasting about his talents. On the inside, he's somewhat more insecure and relies on Cassidy a fair bit for encouragement. His courage can vary by what he's faced with, and he finds it difficult to stand his ground in the line of female opposition.

Butch is deeply intent upon fulfilling the expectations of those whom he respects. While this determination is one of his strongest assets -on the negative side- it tends to override his conscience.



Butch has a limited knowledge of marine terms and animalian species.




Butch has a strong dislike of people forgetting his name, especially when it seems to happen frequently.


Found washed up on the shores of Johto as a child following a storm which dashed his parents' fishing vessel, Butch was taken into Triador orphanage and grew up within its walls. Though the conditions were reasonable, Butch's traumatized state and lack of direct attention from the overly-busy head of the orphanage meant that he became increasingly distant from others.

One particular day, Giovanni visited the orphanage. His motive was to find young, impressionable recruits for his Team Rocket force. Butch, now thirteen, became his prime interest. His cold and distanced state was full of potential in Giovanni's eyes.

While Butch never interacted directly with Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket sent daily video communications to the new trainees. As a result of this frequent input of attention, the boy started to form loyalty to Giovanni - looking up to him as a replacement father. Once his basic training was complete, Butch was given a partnership with Cassidy Sampson and the pair were quick to progress to the Elite rank, shortly afterward being assigned to carry out special duties for Doctor Namba.









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Team Rocket 'Rental' - Since Returned





Team Rocket 'Rental' - Since Returned





Team Rocket 'Rental' - Since Returned





Team Rocket 'Rental' - Since Returned





Team Rocket 'Rental' - Since Returned



Butch Reynolds


25 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, JO

??? Reynolds (Sister)

Class n/a
First Episode ???