Cassidy Sampson

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Cassidy Sampson is an ex- Team Rocket operative who helped found Team Rocket's Pokémon Breeding Centre in Kanto and was responsible for raising a powerful Drowzee who became known as 'Mindwipe'.

Cassidy is typically cool-headed and adaptable, with a sharp tongue and an equally sharp mind for creating elaborate plots. She has no qualms with collaboration and shares a successful working partnership with fellow Rocket operative Butch Reynolds, who at times comes to her defence. The two frequently exchange compliments, and are generally tolerant of each other's foibles. However, Cassidy does tend to have a nasty habit of blaming others for her own errors.

The one person capable of shattering Cassidy's chilled exterior is Jessie Matthews, whom she envies for her strong-willed, seemingly careless attitude. Not the type to resort to physically lashing out, Cassidy attempts to make herself feel better by tormenting Jessie verbally at every given moment.



Cassidy has a fair knowledge of world history, Pokémon breeding and is able to decipher some ancient writings.






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Cassidy is the daughter of Agrarian Seer parents. When she was a child, she would dream of becoming part of the Higher Seers - convinced that such individuals received a lot of attention and valuables, as well as the power to order people around. Upon finding this was not the case, a sorely-disappointed Cassidy began to lose interest in her studies. By the time she reached her teens, Cassidy was feeling suppressed by what she considered to be too many restrictions, and ran away from home a few years later to sample the things she thought she'd missed out on. Soon after, she ended up being drafted into Team Rocket.


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Cassidy held a deep envy of fellow operative Jessie Matthews from the start. Jessie was, in Cassidy's eyes, everything she wanted to be; trendy, popular, feared and respected. To make up for her personal 'losses', Cassidy insult Jessie and trample on her confidence. But still Jessie proved to be a more competent Team Rocket employee and was awarded agent status before Cassidy.

Jessie's consequential retraction from Active Duty as a result of her dealings with Ash Ketchum pleased Cassidy immensely. Cassidy worked as Jessie's guardian for a short period of time following Jessie's promotion to Elite Rank - the control over her fellow agent was something she thoroughly enjoyed and exploited.








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Returned to Team Rocket




Team Rocket 'Rental' - Since Returned




Team Rocket 'Rental' - Since Returned




Team Rocket 'Rental' - Since Returned




Team Rocket 'Rental' - Since Returned



Cassidy Sampson


24 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, ??

Amanda & Deiter Sampson (Parents)

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