(Dr.) Clement Proctor

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Clement Proctor is one of Oci's rare physicians who specialises with human ailments. While fairly competent at his job, Clement is prone to clumsiness and distraction - especially in the presence of young women.







Having grown up under the tutelage of his mineralogist parents, Clement made a decision to become a human physician - a highly rare but very well paid for position in society. Unfortunately he repeatedly failed his medical exams and caused others much frustration - usually as a result of chatting up the female doctors instead of studying.

Eventually, Clement managed to obtain his doctorate and was granted the task of running a Kantoan hospital in dire need of physicians. However, reports of lazy behaviour put him under scrutiny by the Medical Society which promptly moved him to Nashgri City's human treatment center in Tatto for reassessment.






Clement Proctor


42 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, HN

George Proctor (Brother)

Class Physician
First Episode IL?? - A Chansey Operation