Denise Nichols

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Denise Nichols is an aspiring engineer and the eldest child of a wealthy Johtoan family. Creative and resourceful, Denise's imagination is only surpassed by her kindness towards others.

Denise is a level-headed person. Angry physical outbursts are a rarity, as she tends to sort things out with conversation rather than her fists. Though this does mean when something is bothering her, she will say something about it.




When it comes to mechanics, Denise has the tinkerer's touch. While her exploration may not always appear fruitful, she knows her way around mechanical innards better than even her dad.



Denise loves to invent and is fascinated by technology, mecha and Virtual type Pokémon. However, she dislikes sewing (having been a dressmaker's dummy for her mother one too many times), ghost and dark type pokémon and being forced to dumb down technical jargon.



Denise's mother wished her daughter to join her in the fashion business, but she longed to follow in her father's footsteps and be an engineer. After an incident in which Denise's tinkering with the motorized lawnmower rendered it potentially dangerous, Joanne forbade her to experiment on machines again.

Distraught, Denise became a prime target for deception - ultimately signing up to what she had been led to believe was an engineering course. Instead, the course had been just another front for recruiting scientific minds into Team Rocket, and Denise found herself bound to the organization - unable to contact her family.








Rilly is a bit of a nervous wreck. His low self- esteem is mostly the result of an inability to jet water at will (and TR scientists having yelled at him a lot about that). He has a tendency to be paranoid, and doesn't like to be separated from Denise for very long.

Hydro Pump
Helping Hand
Double Edge
Aqua Ring



- Denise was inspired by contribtions from "RitaBuuk"
- Denise's voice would resemble that of Dawn.

Denise Nichols


15 (in 2001)



Hometown Palm Hills, JO

Gabe Nichols (Father)

Joanne Nichols (Mother)

Evan Nichols (Brother)

Deamus Maturgé (Uncle)

Butler Maturgé (Cousin)

Class n/a
First Episode ???

The wig used for Denise's 'Megan Jennings' identity in Ultimatum.