Kabili Sinclare

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Kabili Sinclare is a researcher who specialises in the study of Cyberspace. He is also the creator of Porygon, making him the subject of controversy by both the Pokémon League and the associated Pokémon Institute.



Kabili is talented with holographic technologies and Virtual Pokémon design. He also suffers from the rare sight condition Opticus Penetra.



Kabili has a tendency to be stubborn and dislikes being told what to do. Unfortunately that makes him very difficult to work with on collaborative projects. His desire for productive results in his work can override the needs of himself and others.



At 21 years old, Kabili co-created the Pokéball Management Interface - dealing with Pokéball transmission protocols. During his time on the project, Kabili began exploring Variables in relation to living matter. His experiments resulted in the creation of Porygon in 1996.


The Pokémon Institute's reaction to the discovery of a man-made yet sentient Virtual life form was severe. Some Researchers disparagingly gave Porygon the nickname 'Cube Monster'


Kabili's reputation was so heavily damaged, he disappeared for four months. Upon returning, the man disowned his own research - refusing to participate any further in Virtual Pokémon exploration.


Sinclare's research was later picked up by Silph Co. who created upgrade code for Porygon. The information for both these versions of Porygon were leaked several years later, resulting in unstable upgrades to the Pokémon.




Alpha, Beta (Porygon x2)

Kabili Sinclare


43 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, KA


Class Cybertechnician
First Episode n/a