Kevin Mannings

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Kevin Mannings is a Tattoan ex-Team Rocket member from the broadcasting department. Kevin is generally warm, friendly and level-headed, with an occasional sense of humour, and excels at camera work. Somewhat of a television addict, Kevin has an extensive memory of all kinds of TV and movie-related trivia, particularly in the case of the popular "Cosmos Conflict" universe. He worked alongside Jenna Briars in Team Rocket Media and formed a big brother relationship with her as a result.


Kevin isn't lazy, but has difficulty knowing what decisions to make. If given a task, he attacks it with great enthusiasm.







Kevin loves television and movies of all sorts, Sprinters Chips, roleplaying and dressing up in character mascot costumes.



The eldest child of a large, rough-and-tumble family, Kevin was used to being sat in front of the television from a young age as a means of pacification, as his parents were often involved in matters of business. While Kevin did an excellent job of looking after his younger brothers and sisters, once they grew up and left home, he remained in situ. As a result, his parents forcefully ejected him in an attempt to get him to make a life for himself.

Kevin was roped into Team Rocket after enthusiastically joining their media division as a cameraman. He held onto this position with brainwashed subservience until the moment he met Jenna Briars, who pointed out the kind of warped propaganda he was helping to create.





Kevin Mannings


29 (in 2001)



Hometown Sarthest City, TA
Relatives n/a
Class n/a
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