Maren Botam

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Maren Botam hails from Coast Island, where her brother reigns as the ongoing Chou Tatakae Grand Master. While Maren's primary objectives are to deliver goods to those living in the Orange Archipelago (and sometimes even further afield), she is happy to offer rides to people for a small fee. Fun-loving and young at heart, Maren also owns a somewhat crude sense of humour and has been known to tell dirty jokes at inappropriate moments.



Maren is a skilled sailor and cartographer. She can also give Chou Tatakae challengers a run for their money, being in possession of a particularly strong deck of cards.




Maren has a bit of a thrill seeker streak and likes to take risks. She also enjoys Hoenn cuisine, particularly Ramen, and the Festival of the Chosen One held on Shamouti Island.






Maren Botam


28 (in 2001)



Hometown Coast Island, OA
Relatives Rod Botam (brother)
Class n/a
First Episode M2 - The Power of One