Philantha Hianmyte

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Philantha "Domino" Hianmyte, known to outsiders as "The Black Tulip" due to her incorporation of such flowers into her weaponry, is a rather spiteful-mannered individual with a talent for putting on a naive visage to hide her true personality and motives.


Before she joined Team Rocket, Philantha put the endless hours of target practise she'd had at home to use by offering her services as a freelance assassin. Once Giovanni had seen the girl in action he was insistent on harbouring such skills for himself.


Following an encounter with Mewtwo at Mt. Quena, both Giovanni and Philantha forgot that the latter had been a member of Team Rocket. Philantha moved on to pursue work as a freelance bounty hunter.




Philantha's skeet shooting practise has made her a very skilled marksman. She is also good at playing the insider, to infiltrate locations and siphon information.











Philantha Hianmyte


20 (in 2001)



Hometown Fall City, FI

Aria Hianmyte (Sister)

Jessebelle Hianmyte (Cousin)

Morterey Seigi (Cousin)

Class Freelance Bounty Hunter
First Episode

JL064 - Mewtwo Returns